Tumbleweeds Cooperative Preschool @ Redmond Gymnastics Academy presents:

                                                            CO-ED Summer camps for ages 3-5

Our 3 day preschool camps follow a structured day in Tumbleweeds Preschool. Mornings begin with classroom time that includes music, calendar and weather. There will be a main theme of the week incorporating art, gymnastics, movements and games each day. The camps are from 9:00-12:30- Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Campers bring their own lunch and will take home a memorable art project from each camp!

Camp 1: June 20-22 - Acrobats & Artists

Camp 2: June 27-29 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Camp 3: July 11-13 - Tumble in the Jungle

Camp 4: July 18-20 - Musicality & Movement

***Cost: $ 99.00 per camp.

*** If  you sign up for 3 camps, the 4th one is FREE !


                                                           Redmond Gymnastics Academy presents:

                                             Accelerated Gymnastics Summer camps for Girls ages 6-12

Our accelerated recreational gymnastics camps are geared towards taking the skills to the next level. Students should be at least a Level 2 to attend the camp. Each day will begin at 9:00 AM with cardio warm up, stretching and learning important body positions. Each day will have 2 hours of full instruction, fun time and games. Campers need to bring own lunch for break and finish camp at 12:30.

Camp 1: June 20-22nd.

Camp 2: June 27-29th.

Camp 3: July 11-13th.

Camp 4: July 18-20th.

***Cost: $ 99.00 per camp.

*** If you sign up for 3 camps, the 4th one is FREE !


                                Cheerleading & Tumbling Summer camps CO-ED for 6-16 years old

Come and learn some cheerleading basics from Redmond Highschool cheer coaches! These 3 days camps will cover jumps, tumbling, basic stunting and simple cheers. Camp is from 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Campers need to pack a lunch and bring a water bottle. These camps are for girls 6-16 years old.

Camp 1:   June 27-29th        10:00-1:30

Camp 2:   July 11-13            10:00-1:30

Camp 3:   July 18-20            10:00-1:30

Camp 4:   August 1-3           10:00-1:30

*** Cost : $99.00 per camp

*** If you sign up for 3 camps, the 4th one is FREE !



                                            Parkour CO-ED Summer camps for 6-16 years old

This camp is geared towards school age children to try out or improve their parkour abilities. It will include also trampoline, pit jumping, tumbling, bar swinging and more! Each day will begin at 10:00 AM with cardio warm up, stretching and cool games. Then will be 2 hours of full instruction and some free time to choose skills to work on. Campers need to bring their own lunch and a water bottle. The camp will finish at 1:30.

Camp 1:    June 20-22      10:00-1:30

Camp 2:    July 25-27       10:00-1:30

***Cost: $99.00 per camp




2017 Sessions

Session 1 January 2-February 25

Session 2 February 27-April 29

Session 3 May 1-June 24

Session 4 June 26-August 26

Session 5 August 28-October 21

Session 6 October 23-December 16

2017 Gym Closures

  • 2017-Spring break: March 27-April 1
  • 2017-4th of July break-July 3-July 8
  • 2017-Christmas break-Dec. 18-Dec. 30

Signature Forms

2017 Competitive Season is over !

Big THANK YOU to all gymnast competed this season! It is time to relax and have fun! Also time to learn new tricks! Have a wonderful summer!


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