This class helps develop the basics of rolling, jumping and climbing. Students develop greater skills watching, listening and following basic directions!
Age 3-5 y/o
Class size 6
Duration 45 min
Category PreSchool
$ 140

The “Tiny stars” class is the first step into gymnastics for our little students. The class provides tremendous developmental benefits for children ages 3-4 years. Hand-eye coordination, eye-tracking, locomotor movement skills that challenge the child’s growing mind and body, and social skills (learning to work with others, sharing and taking turns) all make a significant impact on learning and maturity. Our specially trained class instructor leads the class and teaches children to follow organized challenges, but allow them to explore where their interests take them (within the bounds of safety, of course). Parents are welcome to sit in on the class if their child is more comfortable but it’s common for little ones to participate on their own. It’s our hope that by the end of the session, children will be participating on their own. Adults are always welcome in our Preschool Gym area during class. This class is 45 minutes long. Tiny stars class has a class ratio of 6 to 1.