Non competitive
Age 6-16 y/o
Class size 10
Duration 60-90 min
Category Tumbling
$ 165-195

Tumbling for Beginners (Age 6-10)
This tumbling class is for students 6-10 years old without any experience. This is an intro into tumbling and trampoline sports. Tumbling is the foundation of gymnastics and is an important part of other sports-acrobatics, cheerleading, martial arts and enhances other sports skills and safety landing and falling. Great class for athletes looking to learn new skills and improve on what they already know. From simple rolls, handstands, cartwheels to flips, students learn following progressions as core skills are deconstructed into fundamental steps for correct and successful learning. This class does not work on beam, bars, vaulting or other gymnastics apparatus.

Tumbling for Advanced (Age 11-16)
This class is designed for kids with previous gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, cheer or dance experience that are looking to further develop their abilities. We will be setting specific tumbling goals for the session. Great class for cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts who are looking to advance their tumbling to the next level. Previous tumbling and trampoline experience required to attend this class.